Working With Us - What to Expect

We Listen, Collaborate, Innovate, Act

Employing the methods used by Silicon Valley's top performers, we begin by listening. We ask questions and listen again. We bring experience, ideas and expertise, but you bring something just as important - an in-depth knowledge of your organization. Collaboration is the element that pulls everything together.

We move forward immediately by identifying ideas that'll make a difference, respecting the ideas that make your organization great, while challenging the ones that are holding it back.

Transformative ideas aren't an accident. Their root is an intimate understanding of the value and potential value you deliver to your customers. It's our first priority to collaboratively gain that requisite understanding.

What we don't do:

  • Spend time on activities that don't deliver value
  • Maintain compensatory relationships with vendors or service providers
  • Employ heavyweight, one-size-fits-all methodologies or proprietary methods
  • Require training or assessments just to get started



Business, Innovation and Technology initiatives most often fail because the people who they affect don't support them. We account for the human factor in all recommendations and plans. Instead of viewing people as a hurdle to be overcome, we embrace them to achieve better results.


The Fundamentals

Business Meets Technology

Instead of aligning business and technology, we integrate them. This creates an environment that catalyzes high levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation.

Deliver Value

You know there's a better way. We help you navigate the sea of possibilities to find it. In doing so we'll answer the question "how do we leverage the rapidly shifting business environment and technology to take our business to the next level?"

Our value-anchored, Silicon Valley-based business model allows us to deliver the most sophisticated technologies more effectively.


Everything we do starts and ends with people. We leverage the talents and expertise of everyone involved and those who will be impacted.

Leaps Instead of Steps

In the Industrial Age, management practices were optimized for physical work. They focused on making incremental improvements, i.e. "steps".

The thought and knowledge worker's world is markedly different. Free from the limits imposed by physical constraints, they have the opportunity to improve in "leaps" given a supportive environment and with the help of the right technologies. We help identify opportunities for your organization to make these "leaps".

No Compromises

No financial or partnership relationships with vendors that compromise your best interests

No intrusive relationships. We challenge and support your staff, but don't overwhelm them

No meaningless certifications (usually prefaced with "one of only a handful of people in the world")

No expenses that don't directly correlate to value


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