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How I can help

I've spent two decades developing, learning and honing ideas across three disciplines: Innovation, Leadership and Technology. I've worked with executives to help solve their most intractable leadership challenges, designed and rolled out dozens of enterprise and commercial software systems and catalyzed innovation efforts to save four organizations from collapse..

I'm ready to share all I know with you too. Many experts understand the people and business side of the equation, but few additionally have deep expertise with technology and innovation.

Get answers to your most challenging questions by scheduling a session.

The session

You get my undivided attention. I bring my cross-discipline idea kit and get right to the point.  Everything is tailored to you, your situation, personality, organization and unique challenges. You get the answers you need. Company politics or entrenched interests are left at the door. I maintain no compensatory relationships with vendors so that you get unbiased advice.

Before we meet

The meeting is face to face via WebEx or by phone. Sessions are 75 minutes long. Everything we discuss is confidential.

We agree on a time and day, then I’ll send you questions. Your answers will be used as part of my preparation for our session.


I’ll follow-up via email within 48 hours reiterating our meeting’s key points and recommended actions. Clarifying questions are welcome.

Want more?

Of course, we can’t solve every problem in one session. Sure, we can meet again or get together regularly. But that’s jumping ahead. Schedule a single session. That’s a good start.


$279 includes everything: preparation, the session and follow up. .


Scheduling is simple. Request a “Get Answers Session” using this contact form or by calling me directly at (614) 300-1126 Ext. 110.