Rick Ross, CEO

With enough time and money, organizations can implement almost any idea. Think NASA. Their accomplishments: astonishing, legendary and bordering on inconceivable.

But for most organizations time and money are in shorter supply. New value must come from expertise, determination, ingenuity and an environment that catalyzes everyone’s talents. Think the first X Prize. To win it, the recipients had to loft a reusable vehicle into space twice in one week. For the winners, development costs were about $20 million, a negligible amount by NASA standards.

The same principles of innovation used to win that X prize are at the core of what we do, but they’re applied to business, government and non-profit sectors.

Using our people-centric approach, we integrate concepts from business, innovation, leadership, design and technology in a way that creates unexpected value. This makes us an ideal match for most organizations, even startups.

Are we a fit for yours? I offer a session that'll help you find out. You get the opportunity to ask me how to address your most challenging problems. In the process, you'll get valuable advice and experience what it's like to be a client. Learn more about how you can get answers.

Rick Ross, CEO, Ross Innovation Inc.

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The Company

Founded in 1997, Ross Innovation serves US and international clientele.

We help you identify and leverage emerging technology-based opportunity. Our results are a matter of record: a long history of "wow" results helping business, healthcare, government and non-profit clients.

By continually adapting to technological change and avoiding ties to vendors, We Make Exceptional for firms that range in size from startups to the Fortune 500 and that represent a broad spectrum of industries.

Contact me today for a no-nonsense discussion of how we can help you.

~ Rick Ross


Our Clients

Executives and Technology Executives - Leadership and Innovation strategies fine-tuned for the digital age.
Healthcare - physician's offices, long term care facilities, patient care, electronic medical records (EHR), office administration and scheduling
Non-profit organizations - enterprise level administrative systems, donor support and management
Entrpreneurs - niche specific software for commercial sale
Software developers - expert mentoring, direction and advice to solve technical, business and architectural problems
Agriculture -supporting agricultural innovation from the farm to equipment manufacturing
Science - research projects, complex data analysis and presentation
Government administration and tax systems (local, county and state)
Higher Education - administrative systems
Retail point-of-sale and customer communication
Accounting - enterprise systems


Client Industries


Government Systems

Non-Profit Organizations

Commercial Software


Accounting and Financial